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Small: Paper size - 18 x 14 in.; overall framed dimensions - 19 x 15 in. Edition of 30. ($780)

Medium: Paper size - 35 x 27 in.; overall framed dimensions - 36 x 28 in. Edition of 15. ($1,740)

Large: Paper size - 52 x 40 in.; overall framed dimensions - 53 x 41 in. Edition of 5. ($2,940)

survivors: The Thomas Fire Series

Oculus Gallery is pleased to announce the next artist in our Featured Artists program - Los Angeles-based photographer Timothy Hogan.

Hogan’s new series of color landscape photographs, entitled Survivors, document the landscape immediately following the Thomas Fire which ravaged large areas of the Southern Californian coastal counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura throughout the month of December 2017 resulting in over $2.2 billion in damages and burned 440 square miles of land.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the outbreak of the Thomas Fire. To commemorate, Oculus Gallery is offering limited edition framed prints of Timothy Hogan’s new series Survivors, available in three sizes.

Five percent of all sales will benefit the California Community Foundation to support current and continued fire relief efforts. 


I moved to the mountain town of Ojai in December 2017. An hour and a half drive from Los Angeles - it was the perfect combination of close enough, yet far enough away from the madness of Los Angeles. 

On Monday night, December 4th, I received a text about a fire in Ventura. I was down in Los Angeles for the evening, and after checking it out on Google maps, I saw it was miles away - not a big deal. 

"As long as it doesn't come over the mountain," I said. 

The following morning a text from a friend in Ojai informed me the Thomas Fire had, indeed, crossed the mountain. It doubled in size overnight in the stiff Santa Ana winds and burnt hundreds of homes in Ventura, Upper and East Ojai.

I left my studio in downtown LA  on Tuesday to rescue what I could. In this case - my archive of negatives, several paintings, and a few choice and irreplaceable surfboards. 

Watching the flames from my backyard less than a mile away I decided if Thomas was coming, then there was nothing to do.

I left not knowing what I'd return to, and went to prepare for my shoot the following day - determined that if I couldn't save my house, at least I'd have fun in the studio. 

(We did)

On Saturday I returned home - which was completely intact. The fire had come just 4000 feet away, spared by the lack of winds on Thursday. In fact, the entire town had been spared by the winds that were forecast but never came to our small town.

The Thomas fire grew over the next month to be the largest fire in California History - 281,893 acres. In comparison, the 33 Bouroughs of London are 390,400 acres... so picture most of that... burnt to a bit of a crisp. 

Never having witnessed something like this firsthand - I was determined to find the beauty in this new landscape. Now - keep in mind not all of Ojai looks like this. The town itself is basically the same, just with more love and sense of community. But off in the hills, through valleys and up into Los Padres National Forest you'll find barren fields of Chapparal and Manzanita, Live Oaks that have disappeared into ash - and my favorite - these lone survivors. 

— Timothy Hogan

about the artist


Timothy Hogan is an award-winning photographer based in Los Angeles, California, well known for his lighting mastery and uniquely precise still-life images, Hogan shoots worldwide for an array of international brands and advertising agencies in the beverage, technology, fragrance and design industries. These clients repeatedly seek Timothy out for his dramatic imagery and collaborative, problem-solving nature - especially when it comes to anything shiny. 

A maker and inventor since childhood, Timothy's history of taking things apart yields a unique ability to create elegant solutions to even the most complex image requests. This, coupled with support from the best producers, retouchers and studios in the business allows Timothy and his team to forge long-lasting relationships that produce incredible results for each client. 

Timothy spent 12 years in New York City before relocating to Los Angeles in 2011. He resides in Ojai and is currently developing his craft as a furniture and product designer to compliment his photography skills. He is one of two Hasselblad Ambassadors in the United States. 

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