Oculus Gallery also offers an array of arts-related services including appraisals, collection management, advisory services and rentals. 


Independent appraisal reports provided for private collectors and their advisors including:

The insurance industry
Attorneys and estate planners
Wealth advisors and financial managers

Types of Appraisals:
Equitable Distribution
Non-Cash Charitable Contribution
Gift Tax

All appraisals are prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  

ADVISORY and sourcing

We use our vast network of contacts - galleries, fairs, auction houses and markets - as well the highest levels of scholarship and connoisseurship to source and vet works of decorative art and design for our clients.  We can guide our clients on several issues including pricing, acquisition and de-acquisition through galleries or auction houses.

Busy collectors, interior designers and private individuals often do not have the time to properly consider or research important factors such as provenance, historical and critical importance, desirability and value of a work before they purchase - this is where Oculus Gallery can help.


Oculus Gallery provides collection management and maintenance services and can advise on collection storage, installation, crating, shipping, certificates of insurance, and condition reports. Building your collection is our specialty. 


Most of our inventory is available for rent on a daily or weekly basis for photo shoots, events or staging. Please inquire at

Oculus Gallery  

2515 Southwest Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90043  

+1 (310) 569-7970