Mitya Ganopolsky (b. 1983), photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Studying Spanish literature at the State University he started doing jobs for international film projects shot in his hometown. Initially planning on becoming a cinematographer himself, Mitya started pursuing a career in the field of photography. Internship at Steven Klein’s studio (2010) and general affiliation with movie industry certainly rendered filmic, yet poetic and sinister aesthetics to his imagery. Mitya’s sub-culture inspired approach in fashion photography got him connected in the local artistic scene and eventually would land him bigger editorial and commercial assignments. His clients include brands like Adidas and Nike, as well such magazines as Vice, Port and Harper’s Bazaar. Having survived a deadly car accident, through his personal projects Mitya aspires to capture the rawness of humanity, as well as to re-evaluate the personal experience of becoming of age in Russia.

available work

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