beige fossil stone

The stone comes from a fossilized coral bed that was once in the ocean. Over the millions of years of geological activity it is now mined in the mountains and is said to have an age of 30 to 100 million years old. Look and you can see the grain of the coral in the stone.


cantor stone/white ivory stone

This is a sediment-based fossil stone. Many times, one can see crushed shells & sea life in the Cantor striations.

black stone

Is the hardest of the stones and most expensive material of all the stones we shape. In its rough form – unpolished, the black stone is actually gray.

These are our most intricate items due to the seashells irregular shapes and small sizes. The thinner shells are cracked (hammered) to flatten the shell on to the shape we are inlaying. The thicker shells can be sliced. All shells are by-products of the seafood industry.

pen shell/other seashells

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